Thursday, August 15, 1996 to Wednesday, April 30, 1997
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Media and Technology, Broadcast Media
Elementary School Children (6-10) | Middle School Children (11-13) | Museum/ISE Professionals
Educational Broadcasting Corporation, Multimedia Research

WNET is conducting a six-month development phase to engage a lead mathematics consultant, an advisory committee, and producers to develop more fully the format, individual program content, and outreach components for a television-based project called Cyberchase, a multi-component project designed to excite, inspire, and involve 9-11 year olds in mathematics. The project currently is planned to include a weekly half-hour television series, a variety of educational print materials, and on-line activities. The series concept revolves around a multi-ethnic group of friends who are hooked on a riveting computer game call Cyberchase. At the start of the show, cast members are pulled into the computer and, with the program's viewers, become protagonists on intriguing missions that demonstrate real world applications of mathematics. A host confronts the players with challenges that must be met in order to progress onto the next adventure. During the planning phase, the project staff will bring scholars, educators, and programmers together in planning sessions to develop and refine program ideas and outreach strategies. The scope of work will include research in three primary areas: Program Content; Program Design (graphics, animation); and Interactivity, Multi-media, and Educational Outreach. The PI will be Ruth Ann Burns, Vice-President and Director of WNET's Educational Resource Center, and Executive Producer of the PBS Mathline Middle School Math Project. The Lead Math Consultant will be Carey Bolster, Director of the Middle School Math Project, a service of PBS Mathline. Sandra Sheppard, WNET's Director of Educational Video Services, will serve as Project Director and supervise all aspects of the research and development phase for the inter-related educational media components of the project. They will work with an advisory committee that includes Solomon Garfunkel, Iris Carl, Jimmie Rios, and Eve Hall.

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Team Members

Ruth BurnsRuth BurnsPrincipal Investigator
Barbara FlaggEvaluator

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