Resources Mentioned in Session:

Evaluation reports on

Common Guidelines

Visitor Studies journal

ASTC Listserv

Validated instrument on citizen science (DEVISE)

American Evaluation Association and its journals, blogs, etc.

CAISE newsletter & blog


Reporting & Dissemination page on

Scientific journals, i.e. Frontiers in the Ecology and the Environment

Curator, the Museum Journal

Enhancing Evaluation Capacity in Informal Science Education

Interview with Kirk Knestis


Questions Discussed in Session:

Could you recommend potential methods for charting change from one stage to another? Motivation measures--subtle changes in a stage model as used in counseling/therapy.

What are your thoughts on evaluating research projects? Committee of Visitors approach, or others?

How can we minimize the impacts of language load in our evaluation? (for linguistic diversity)

How to collect data without totally destroying enthusiasm of activity?

What’s the difference between evaluation and research?

How do we get evaluation studies into the body of research?

Budget--how to incentivize?

How do we report to audiences/subjects, not just to funders?

How do we report to scientists?

Where can we store and search data?  How can we archive data and make it accessible?