2019 AISL PI Meeting Poster: How can we expand the way we design for emotion in informal learning?

Tuesday, February 12, 2019
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Exhibitions, Museum and Science Center Exhibits
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Education and learning science | Nature of science
Museum of Science, Boston, EdTogether, University of Rochester, CAST

This poster shares an example of how the project team for the Developing Guidelines for Designing Challenging and Rewarding Interactive Science Exhibits has been applied design principles to support the emotional state of productive struggle in an interactive science museum exhibit. It discusses the three stages of productive struggle (emotional disequilibrium, persistence, and productivity), puts those in an applied context, and discusses the team's research methods which include a combination of self-report and biometric measures.

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Team Members

Katie ToddKatie ToddAuthor
Christine ReichChristine ReichPrincipal Investigator
Gabrielle SchlichtmannGabrielle SchlichtmannCo-Principal Investigator
Samantha DaleySamantha DaleyCo-Principal Investigator
Elizabeth KollmannCo-Principal Investigator
Jose BlackorbyJose BlackorbyCo-Principal Investigator

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