Appendix G: A Review of Participant Feedback on the Workshop and Workshop Draft Report

Wednesday, July 8, 2015
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Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA), Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), with additional support from the Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA) and the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC), GSCA hosted the Setting the Agenda for Giant Screen Research Workshop on October 18, 2013, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The one-day Workshop convened a group of 32 giant screen (GS) stakeholders, immersive practitioners, academic researchers and GS-industry affiliated experts to consider the key issues for a GS research roadmap. The Workshop goals, as outlined in the conference proposal submitted to the NSF, were to “Foster and engage researchers in aligned disciplines to define the key issues in giant screen research and develop an active research community to address these questions through collaboration.” Through a series of three breakout discussions, Workshop participants were asked to identify key research issues, define potential research questions, and develop a list of constraints and barriers in promoting a giant screen research roadmap. Nine (9) months after the Workshop, participants who were not involved in organizing, hosting, or facilitating the Workshop were invited to review a draft of the resulting report and share feedback about elements of the Workshop outcomes that were missing, inaccurate, or needed to be fleshed out. The participants were also encouraged to: contribute any new thoughts or ideas they had since participating in the Workshop, describe their post-Workshop activities related to GS research, and share suggestions for next steps.


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