Developing equitable practice with youth in makerspaces: Ideas and case studies from the Making Spaces project

Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Public Programs, Making and Tinkering Programs
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University College London

The Making Spaces project aims to contribute to a longer-term vision of a future where all UK makerspaces can be vehicles for social justice, offering spaces and resources for a wide range of communities to enhance and improve their lives, wellbeing and agency through STEM-rich making in ways that feel authentic, respectful and value the wisdom, cultures, needs, values and identities of communities. This vision includes a future where the STEM workforce is diverse and representative, where STEM is used to address key societal challenges and where people can use STEM knowledge, skills and creativity as active citizens and as part of social action towards a just and sustainable world.


Team Members

Louise ArcherLouise ArcherAuthor
Jen DeWittJen DeWittAuthor
Esme FreedmanEsme FreedmanAuthor
Kylo ThomasKylo ThomasAuthor

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