Empowering Learners through Effective Emotional Engagement: Project Review

Sunday, December 1, 2019
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Summative | Evaluation
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Public Programs, Museum and Science Center Programs, Exhibitions, Museum and Science Center Exhibits
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Education and learning science | General STEM
Museum of Science, Boston, EdTogether

The Museum of Science, Boston (MOS or the Museum), in partnership with EdTogether and in collaboration with researchers and engineers across a range of affective science and technology disciplines, implemented a two-year exploratory research and development initiative titled Empowering Learners through Effective Emotional Engagement (ELEEE), with funding from the Argosy Foundation. Through the ELEEE project we sought to develop a framework for leveraging emotion in design where visitors are empowered to have meaningful, self- or socially-directed, and intrinsically motivated learning experiences.

Private Foundation
Funding Program: 
Argosy Foundation

Team Members

Sarah MaySarah MayContributor
Katie ToddKatie ToddContributor
Sunewan PanetoContributor
Becki KiplingContributor
Elizabeth KollmannContributor
Christine ReichChristine ReichContributor
Kevin KentKevin KentContributor

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