Evaluation Report for “Roads Taken” Youth Programs Virtual Conference

Thursday, December 15, 2016
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“The Roads Taken” virtual conference was part of a three-phase research project designed to explore the very long-term impact of STEM youth programs (such as the iconic YouthALIVE program). In this first phase, a virtual conference was held to engage youth program practitioners in the development and testing of a Program Profile prototype, a structured document that helps institutions to characterize their own youth programs in useful ways.

Following the webinars and the completion of the Program Profile by each organization, participants were asked to complete a brief survey (included as an appendix). One major goal was to inform the revision of the Program Profile for future iterations. Another goal was to elicit participants’ beliefs about the critical aspects of their own programs that led to success or limitations; these will be used in the design of research during the later phases of the “Roads Taken” project. This evaluation report includes findings, analysis and a copy of a survey questions.

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