Exploring patterns of collaborative practices at interactive engineering challenge exhibits

Wednesday, June 30, 2021
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Exhibitions, Museum and Science Center Exhibits
Elementary School Children (6-10) | Middle School Children (11-13) | Youth/Teen (up to 17) | Families | Parents/Caregivers | Museum/ISE Professionals | Evaluators | Learning Researchers
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Women and Girls
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

The purpose of this research was to explore associations between engineering practices included in the C-PIECE framework. In this work, we took particular interest in practices under the Defining a Problem proficiency. Practices under Defining a Problem have great potential to influence the entire exhibit interaction and early observations indicated that visitor groups did not engage frequently in these practices at the informed level, therefore they were seen as an opportunity ripe for study. Through observations, interviews, and video analysis, the DOT research team investigated the following questions:

  • ●  What patterns of engineering design practices are commonly seen during exhibit interactions?

  • ●  Which relationships between engineering design practices are potentially meaningful for design challenge exhibit development and facilitation?

  • ●  How can engagement in certain engineering design practices relate or lead to engagement in other practices?

We believe that a deeper understanding of the relationships between practices can help exhibit developers and educators to leverage the practices that visitors appear to engage in commonly to help support engagement in less frequent and higher proficiency practices.

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Team Members

Scott RandolAuthor
Marcie BenneMarcie BenneCo-Principal Investigator
Carla HerranAuthor
Todd ShagottTodd ShagottAuthor

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