Imagination in STEM: A Synthesis of Knowledge Built through Research and Professional Convenings

Friday, December 16, 2022
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Museum of Science, Boston

This resource briefly summarizes the work of the Unpacking the STEM Imagination Convening and associated project research activities, and posits several "imagination problems" emergent from this work: 1) Defining Imagination; 2) Intentionally Addressing Imagination; 3) Fostering Imagination; 4) Addressing The Myth that STEM is Not Imaginative; 5) Buying-in to Imagination in STEM; 6) Un-Privileging Certain Imaginative Ways of Thinking; and 7) Inclusion and Imagination. This resource suggests areas for future research and development in the context of imagination in informal STEM learning environments. This resource reflects findings from across the Convening Project activities, including results from the professional perspectives survey and professional impacts evaluation, results from a comprehensive literature review, results from the Project Index, and reflections on convening participants' contributions during workshops and panel events.

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Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL)
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Team Members

Sarah MayAuthor
Emmett FungEmmett FungAuthor
Sonya Harvey-JustinianoSonya Harvey-JustinianoAuthor
Rachel FylerRachel FylerAuthor
Ann AtwoodAnn AtwoodAuthor

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