IMPACT NC: Evaluation Skills Modules

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 to Thursday, October 1, 2020
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North Carolina State University

IMPACT NC is a collaboration between the North Carolina science centers and museums and NC State University (NCSU) to build and foster a Community of Practice (CoP) for collective evaluation among the 54 partner organizations across the state of North Carolina. Funded by IMLS Museum Leadership Grant (MG-70-19-0019-19).

The goals of IMPACT NC are:

  • Identification of a set of shared goals for informal science education across the state.
  • Development of metrics to assess these goals.
  • Enhanced capacity of the Community of Practice of science museums to conduct evaluation centered on these collective evaluation goals and metrics.
  • Improved cohesion among science museums and other partners in NC (e.g. university collaborators, non-profit organizations) as they collectively work toward shared  goals.
  • Development of a system for reporting program outcomes using shared metrics that is integrated into annual reporting or grant proposal processes across NC, thereby informing decision making.
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National Leadership Grants
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