Integrating Mathematics and Making: A Shared Goals and Values Framework (In Progress)

Monday, March 28, 2016
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Although there is a growing body of research on mathematics in informal learning environments (Pattison, Rubin, & Wright, 2016; Rubin, Garibay, & Pattison, 2016), less has been done to understand how math can be integrated into other informal STEM education settings or topics, and how this integration might engage those who do not already have positive attitudes about math. Over the last decade there has been a proliferation of out-of-school environments that foster building, making, tinkering, and design activities (Bevan, Gutwill, Petrich, & Wilkinson, 2015; Vossoughi, Escudé, Kong, & Hooper, 2013), creating an unprecedented opportunity to engage a wide range of participants in mathematics that is both purposeful and powerful. The primary activity of Math in the Making will be a convening in the spring of 2016 with researchers and practitioners in out-of-school mathematics and making to advance the field’s understanding of how to highlight and enhance the mathematics in making experiences, develop tools and resources for informal educators, and foster collaborations for future efforts. This document outlines a framework to guide these conversations and establish shared goals that lead to productive discussions about the integration of mathematics into making and tinkering experiences.

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