Investigating the Cascading, Long Term Effects of Informal Science Education Experiences Report

Monday, October 22, 2018
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Oregon State University, Institute for Learning Innovation, Museum of Science and Industry Chicago

A group of 12 researchers gathered at MSI to discuss issues surrounding the critical but challenging area of how to measure the long-term effects or impacts of ISE experiences, chaired by Dr. John Falk, Oregon State University and Institute for Learning Innovation, and hosted by Aaron Price, Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago, (MSI) on July 18, 2018. All the invitees had expertise and experience in this area, resulting in a rich conversation based equally in theory and practice. The goal of the discussion was to build on the collective experience of the group to identify and address key challenges in this area of research and to propose potential solutions for advancing the field. This whitepaper provides a summary of those deliberations.

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Team Members

John H FalkAuthor
Judith KokeJudith KokeAuthor
Aaron PriceAuthor

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