Marvelous Molecules: The Secret of Life

Sunday, July 1, 2001
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Serrell & Associates, New York Hall of Science

Marvelous Molecules: The Secret of Life is a 3,500-square-foot exhibition installed on the lower exhibit floor of the New York Hall of Science (NYHoS) between Hidden Kingdoms and Realm of the Atom. The 27 exhibit elements are grouped in sections that feature molecules for sensing, moving, reproduction, defending, and other biological functions. The big idea of the exhibition is: Inside what appear to be very different living things, molecules interact in similar ways to make things happen. In Spring 2001, a summative evaluation of Marvelous Molecules was conducted by Serrell & Associates. NYHoS staff and the other exhibit developers wanted to find out how visitors used the exhibits, which exhibit elements were most successful, and if visitors were getting the big idea. We wanted to know which elements attracted the most visitors, how long visitors spent at them, and what new things they learned from them.


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Beverly SerrellEvaluator

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