New Directions: Research, Service, and Training in Visitor Studies

Thursday, January 1, 2009
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Project Descriptions
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Public Programs, Museum and Science Center Programs, Park, Outdoor, and Garden Programs, Aquarium and Zoo Programs, Professional Development, Conferences, and Networks, Professional Development and Workshops, Exhibitions, Museum and Science Center Exhibits, Aquarium and Zoo Exhibits, Parks, Outdoor, and Garden Exhibits
Undergraduate/Graduate Students | Museum/ISE Professionals | Evaluators
Education and learning science | General STEM
University of Washington, Woodland Park Zoo, The Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, The Henry Ford, Burke Museum

The University of Washington’s Museology Program, in partnership with the Woodland Park Zoo and the Learning in Informal and Formal Environments Research Center is developing a model of university-community collaboration where students work with client museums, zoos and aquaria to evaluate exhibits and programs under the guidance of a research mentor. Students will gain experience in audience research and evaluation, as well as in project management, collaboration, and leadership. Staff at participating museums will advance their personal knowledge about visitors and the field of museum evaluation. The project will prepare a new generation of evaluators and museum practitioners through an innovative apprentice-styled laboratory that integrates the strengths of mentoring, fieldwork, academics, and client-centered experiences. Project Advisors include John Falk, Julie Johnson, Randi Korn, Marjorie Schwarzer, and Patterson Williams. Project started January, 2009 with 24 graduate students in the first cadre.


Team Members

Kris MorrisseyPrincipal Investigator
Reed StevensReed StevensPrincipal Investigator
Kathryn OwenPrincipal Investigator
Alexandra CriadoAlexandra CriadoPrincipal Investigator
Nick VisscherProject Manager
Alex CurioAlex CurioEvaluator
Jessica NewkirkJessica NewkirkEvaluator
Elizabeth RosinoElizabeth RosinoEvaluator
Marta BeyerMarta BeyerEvaluator
Erin WilcoxEvaluator
Andrea GodinezAndrea GodinezEvaluator
Amanda MaeAmanda MaeEvaluator
Amanda DearolphAmanda DearolphEvaluator

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