NISE Network Regional Workshop: Second Round of Workshops Formative Evaluation

Monday, June 1, 2009
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The second round of NISE Network Regional workshops were held during the winter of 2009 at the Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS), The Franklin Institute (TFI), and the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History (FW). The regional workshops were developed to address five goals. Formative evaluation was carried out to measure the success in meeting these goals. The evaluation was carried out using a mixed-methods design. Data collection methods included 1) partner pre-survey, 2) workshop observations, 3) partner post-workshop survey, 4) partner resource survey, 5) NISE Net staff post-workshop survey, 6) debrief with regional workshop team, and 7) content analysis of workshop correspondence, documents, and action plans.A total of 49 partners completed the pre-surveys, 46 completed the post-surveys, and 45 filled out a resource survey.

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Amy Grack NelsonEvaluator

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