One but Not the Same: Non-Science Art in Science Education

Saturday, January 7, 2023
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Conference Proceedings | Report
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Conferences, Museum and Science Center Exhibits
Museum/ISE Professionals | Learning Researchers
Art, music, and theater | Education and learning science
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Black/African American Communities
Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Concord Consortium, University of Arizona, IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education & Society, London, Arts Practica, Brandeis University, Indiana University School of Nursing, University of Otago, New Zealand, Department of Psychology, Rockford University, People Experience and Technology, Amazon

This white paper describes outcomes from a conference about using non-science art in science education. Art and science are often combined for entertainment, education (STEAM) and inspirational value. However, in almost all cases the art is science-themed (scientific visualizations, science-inspired art, art about scientific topics, etc.). This conference asks the question “what about art for arts-sake?”. That is, what is the impact of non-scientific art in science education? Can non-science themed art be used to broaden perspectives about science? Can it cue people to think about science more and differently? The conference, held at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago with support from the National Science Foundation, assembled artists, art educators, education researchers and scientists to discuss the potential of these topics and ways to study them.

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Team Members

Aaron PriceAuthor
Hee-Sun LeeHee-Sun LeeAuthor
Amber ColemanAmber ColemanAuthor
Jennifer DeWittJennifer DeWittAuthor
Alexa MillerAlexa MillerAuthor
Meg Moorman Meg Moorman Author
Jeffrey SmithJeffrey SmithAuthor
Christian SteciuchChristian SteciuchAuthor
Ann TannerAnn TannerAuthor

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