Public Engagement Research and Major Approaches

Sunday, November 15, 2015
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Media and Technology, Public Programs, Professional Development, Conferences, and Networks, Exhibitions, Informal/Formal Connections
Administration/Leadership/Policymakers | Museum/ISE Professionals | Scientists | Learning Researchers
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Northeastern University, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

AAAS describes public engagement with science as intentional, meaningful interactions that provide opportunities for mutual learning between scientists and members of the public. Through the Alan I. Leshner Leadership Institute for Public Engagement with Science, AAAS empowers scientists and engineers to practice high-impact public engagement by fostering leaders who advocate for critical dialogue between scientists and the public and lead change to enable their communities, institutions, and others to support public engagement. This bibliography, with additional work on understanding mechanisms for institutional change, as well as practical experience in public engagement with science, will guide the work of the Leshner Leadership Institute, as well as other programs of the AAAS Center for Public
Engagement with Science (Center). The Center, which manages the Leshner Leadership Institute, offers this bibliography as a resource for the broader community of public engagement practitioners, researchers, and scientists doing public engagement.


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