SciGirls CONNECT 2 Implementation Evaluation Report

Thursday, February 1, 2018
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Summative | Evaluation Reports
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Media and Technology, Broadcast Media, Public Programs, Afterschool Programs, Summer and Extended Camps
Middle School Children (11-13) | Families | Educators/Teachers | Museum/ISE Professionals | Evaluators
Education and learning science | General STEM
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Women and Girls
Low Socioeconomic Status
Knight Williams, Inc.

The independent evaluation firm, Knight Williams, Inc., developed a two-part post-program survey to gather information about the Year 1 SciGirls CONNECT2 outreach programs conducted by 14 partner organizations. The evaluation aimed for one educator from each organization to complete Part 1 of the survey, which consisted of program reporting questions. In all, one educator from 13 partner organizations completed Part 1, for a response rate of 93%. Part 2 of the survey asked for program reflections, with a focus on perceived program goals, impacts, highlights, and challenges. Given the qualitative nature of this feedback, the evaluation sought the perspective of two educators per site. In all, 24 educators from 13 partners completed Part 2, for a response rate of 86%. Key findings that emerged regarding the partners’ Year 1 programs are in the attached report.

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