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  • Date: 04/01/2005
    Resource Category!: Reference Materials
    This monograph, the final report of the 21st Century Literacy Summit held in April 2005, presents an action plan for this emerging field applicable to higher education, K-12 education, policy makers, media & the arts, and research, and details the strategic priorities and specific recommendations for these sectors that were the summit's major ... »
  • Date: 06/09/2011
    Resource Category!: Conference Proceedings
    Report from an ITEST meeting to define a research agenda for the afterschool field convened by the ITEST Learning Resource Center at Education Development Center, Inc. ... »
  • Date: 11/08/2011
    Resource Category!: Summative
    This evaluation report highlights findings from the evaluation of the Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education’s first five years of funding. CAISE, funded through a cooperative agreement with NSF, in its first five years, was a partnership between The Association of Science-Technology Centers, the Institute for Learning Innovation ... »
  • Date: 11/01/2011
    Resource Category!: Evaluation Reports
    The Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE) is mid-way through year five of a five-year cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation. The NSF funded CAISE in 2007 in order to serve as a resource center to the informal science education (ISE) program, its grantees, and the larger ISE field. Inverness Research ... »
  • Date: 12/12/2005
    Resource Category!: Mass Media Article
    During the last annual conference of ECSITE (European Collaborative for Science and Technology Exhibitions; Helsinki, June 2005), for the first time two discussion sessions were devoted to explainers, the innumerable people – young students mainly – who welcome visitors at exhibitions, museums and festivals, who animate laboratories and science ... »
  • Date: 10/04/2011
    Resource Category!: Survey
    The Beliefs about Science and School Science Questionnaire (BASSSQ)was designed to assess high school science teachers' beliefs about what occurs in science. The first part of the BASSSQ is comprised of two subscales, "Process of Scientific Inquiry" and "Certainty of Scientific Knowledge." Although the survey was developed and validated for use ... »
  • Date: 12/21/2005
    Resource Category!: Peer-reviewed article
    In this paper I use the concepts “understanding of science” and “appreciation of science” to analyze selected case studies of current science communication in Denmark. The Danish science communication system has many similarities with science communication in other countries: the increasing political and scientific interest in science ... »
  • Date: 07/01/2011
    Resource Category!: Conference Proceedings
    An important outcome for the CAISE Media Convening was to identify and prioritize critical issues faced by ISE media producers, and then develop a set of shared objectives around which we could collectively begin to organize ourselves. Participants clearly identified needs such as wanting to learn more about each other's projects, building a ... »
  • Date: 07/01/2011
    Resource Category!: Conference Proceedings
    Participant list from the July 2011 CAISE convening on Media in ISE. ... »
  • Date: 02/01/2011
    Resource Category!: Project Descriptions
    The University of Massachusetts Lowell conducted 1.5-day conference in the fall of 2011, titled "Learning on the Go: Using Out-of-Home Media to Communicate Climate Science." The conference, held at the Lowell Inn and Conference Center, brought together approximately 125 professionals and students in climate science, communications, out-of-home ... »