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  • Date: 09/01/2010
    Resource Category!: Front-End
    Visitor Baseline study for Science on a Sphere at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The Sphere was installed in DMNS’ permanent space science gallery, Space Odyssey, in February 2010. Space Odyssey “Museum Galaxy Guides” (volunteer facilitators) were trained on Sphere operation and content in April 2010. The purpose of the Baseline ... »
  • Date: 07/01/2011
    Resource Category!: Front-End
    Visitor Baseline Study of Science on a Sphere at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. This resource includes the Research Assistant Protocol, Observation Protocol, and Visitor Questionnaire. ... »
  • Date: 09/01/2012
    Resource Category!: Front-End
    Visitor Baseline study for Science on a Sphere at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Resource includes Research Assistant Protocol and Visitor Questionnaire. ... »
  • Date: 06/11/2013
    Resource Category!: Formative
    This evaluation examines visitor engagement at the “Science On a Sphere” (SOS) exhibit at Pacific Science Center, Seattle, WA. Evaluators varied characteristics of the data presentation—such as topic presented, presence of a question prompt, and image rotation—and measured the resulting visitor engagement for each of the different treatments. ... »
  • Date: 03/17/2008
    Resource Category!: Research and Evaluation Instruments
    Overall, film viewers and Web site visitors responded positively to the project. Audiences of the film said they were encouraged by and learned the most about the personal stories of amateur astronomers contributing to scientific discovery and were impressed with the visuals presented in the film. Web site visitors consistently liked the design of ... »
  • Date: 11/30/2012
    Resource Category!: Summative
    The Sharing the Universe (STU) project was funded by NSF in 2007 to develop and make available resources and supports to deepen and broaden the education and public outreach (EPO) of amateur astronomy clubs who are members of the Night Sky Network. To achieve this goal, the project funded a development group: the Astronomical Society of the ... »
  • Date: 08/01/2010
    Resource Category!: Summative
    Goodman Research Group completed the summative evaluation report of the Black Holes Experiment Gallery (BHEG), a traveling exhibit by the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, which aimed at engaging museum visitors in the topic of black holes. One of the innovations of the project included the inclusion of significant input from youth ... »
  • Date: 12/15/1997
    Resource Category!: Summative
    Earth & Sky is a 90 second radio science series about environmental sciences, earth sciences and astronomy. Multimedia Research implemented a summative evaluation of the series, utilizing a survey mailed to respondents to a radio contest held just prior to the broadcast of Earth & Sky in eight commercial radio markets. A total of 152 ... »
  • Date: 03/01/2010
    Resource Category!: Research and Evaluation Instruments
    The following comprise the CONCLUSIONS of SRA's evaluation: POLAR-PALOOZA toured the United States at a time when the topic of climate change and global warming appeared relatively low on a list of Americans' concerns (Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, 2006), with the economy, war, and health care taking precedence. Nevertheless, ... »
  • Date: 09/27/2022
    Resource Category!: Summative
    With funding from the National Science Foundation, Secrets of the Universe (SOTU) is a multimedia project that has at its core a 40-minute 3D giant screen film directed by a collaboration of K2 Communications Inc., The Stephen Low Company, and University of California Davis Department of Physics. To support and extend the impact of the film for ... »