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  • Date: 01/28/2019
    Resource Category!: Peer-reviewed article
    Over the past decade, science festival expos have emerged as popular opportunities for practicing scientists to engage in education outreach with public audiences. In this paper, a partial proportional odds model was used to analyze 5,498 surveys collected from attendees at 14 science expos around the United States. Respondents who report that ... »
  • Date: 03/07/2007
    Resource Category!: Research and Evaluation Instruments
    In March 2007, RMC Research Corporation completed work on a study of children's responses to a selection of DragonflyTV (DFTV) video segments as one part of the Summative Evaluation of the DragonflyTV GPS: Going Places in Science TV series1. This report presents findings from the Children's Viewing Study, which includes two distinct goals. The ... »
  • Date: 01/21/2021
    Resource Category!: Summative
    Through Project BUILD , a STAR Library Network ( STAR Net ) program funded by the National Science Foundation, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Space Science Institute’s National Center for Interactive Learning (NCIL) offered the virtual Dream, Build, Create program which consisted of (1) the award-winning documentary Dream ... »
  • Date: 03/12/2013
    Resource Category!: Summative
    Funded by NSF, Earth: The Operators’ Manual (ETOM) is a users’ guide to the present and future energy resources of our planet, providing “users” with the information, attitudes and tools to make wiser choices about powering homes, schools, businesses and communities. ETOM uses a hybrid model of science communication including video + in-person ... »
  • Date: 03/01/2011
    Resource Category!: Summative
    This report presents findings of a summative evaluation by Randi Korn & Associates, Inc. (RK&A) of the Extreme Zone section in the Ecosystems exhibition, a project funded by the National Science Foundation at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. RK&A conducted in-depth interviews with adult, drop-in visitors to examine the ... »
  • Date: 12/01/2012
    Resource Category!: Summative
    A NOAA scientist-­in­‐residence program at the Exploratorium was evaluated to determine impacts on front‐line staff (Explainers), visitors, and the scientists involved. A model for hosting scientists at a museum was developed to include a one‐week residency that helped scientists understand the museum followed by a two-­week residency during which ... »
  • Date: 08/01/2017
    Resource Category!: Summative
    This is the final evaluation report from RMC Research Corp. for the PES@LTERs project. Appendix includes instruments. RMC Research designed evaluation activities to provide formative and summative feedback to Harvard Forest and the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation (Hubbard Brook) on their plan to embed public engagement with science (PES) into ... »
  • Date: 07/08/2019
    Resource Category!: Survey
    Survey to determine tween/teen’s attitudes towards animals and whether or not this shifts as a result of experiencing empathy-related programming. ... »
  • Date: 02/06/2009
    Resource Category!: Research and Evaluation Instruments
    During Fall 2008, the Science Museum of Minnesota's outreach staff visited schools throughout northern Minnesota to deliver the Energy Connections program. A summative evaluation was carried out to gauge the impact the program had on students' understanding of three of the program's key learning goals. As a result of participating in the Energy ... »
  • Date: 05/01/2011
    Resource Category!: Formative
    Engaging and Learning for Conservation: Workshop on Public Participation in Scientific Research was held at the American Museum of Natural History 7-8 April 2011. This preliminary report synthesizes the process evaluation with the workshop feedback provided by the participants. The overall goals of the project are to convene a workshop for ... »