ISEE Strategic Outcomes Framework for measuring informal education Outcomes and Institutional impact: Revisions and additions in response to expert explorations

Monday, November 1, 2021
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COSI Center for Research and Evaluation, National Museum of Natural History

This whitepaper introduces the Strategic Outcomes Framework, a taxonomy of outcome types within eight outcome categories (interest, attitude, knowledge, STEM skills, 21st century skills and social emotional evelopment, behavior, STEM capital, and career path). It summarizes proceedings of the NSF-funded Strategic Outcome Progressions Conference: Exploring a Framework for Measuring Informal Education Outcomes and Institutional Impact (award # 2039209) and changes made to the framework as a result. Among these changes are the necessity of nesting the framework within what we have come to call the Voices and Choices Planning System. With this change, and others, the framework becomes a valuable tool for culturally responsive and equitable within-program and across-program institution-wide planning and evaluation. This framework is one of the four unification tools that comprise the Informal STEM Education Evaluation (ISEE) System, currently in development.

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Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL)
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Deborah WassermanPrincipal Investigator
Colleen PopsonColleen PopsonCo-Principal Investigator

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