SGER: A Meta-analysis of Visitor Time/Use in Museum Exhibitions

Friday, March 1, 1996 to Friday, February 28, 1997
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Serrell and Associates

Under the Small Grants for Exploratory Research Guidelines, Serrell and Associates will do "A Meta-Analysis of Visitor Time/Use in Museum Exhibitions." The research will examine the long considered and debated questions revolving around visitors expenditure of their time (duration and allocation) in science museums exhibits. Serrell will undertake the largest, systematic study of its kind. Using a large number of systemically made observations of visitors time/use, baseline data will be developed that will answer some of the fundamental questions about visitor's movements in an exhibit. This work builds on and expands, considerably, the current data base of observations from 48 exhibits to over 100 exhibitions. This is not a new research topic but it is one that deserves more attention because it has not been studied systematically. Researchers generally assume a positive correlation between time spent on task and learning but beyond that there are a number of provocative questions and unverified theories. Many questions lack sufficient data to draw conclusions. This study will provide statistical correlations between variables observed and will be absed on large, methodologically similar database, which does not currently exist.

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Beverly SerrellPrincipal Investigator

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