Voices from the Field: A Snapshot of STEM Education Today

Thursday, March 28, 2019
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Education and learning science | General STEM
FHI 360

In April 2018, FHI 360, under the leadership of Maryann Stimmer and Merle Froschl, convened a meeting of thought leaders in Washington, D.C. to capture a “snapshot” of STEM education. They subsequently conducted additional interviews with more than 50 local and national policy leaders; public and private funders; researchers; PreK-12 and post-secondary educators; parents, and leaders of afterschool programs, science centers and youth-serving organizations. The purpose of this summary report is to identify current trends and gaps to inform research, policy, and practice in order to reinforce findings and recommendations from prior reports and spark new thinking and action by researchers, policy leaders, community partners, and other stakeholders. The premise of the effort is that a “snapshot” of STEM education today from leaders in the field can help the nation’s public and private leaders prepare our students to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


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