Water Exhibition Image Testing

Monday, August 13, 2007
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Science Museum of Minnesota

This report presents findings from a front-end evaluation at the Science Museum of Minnesota for the exhibition, "Water: H2O = Life." The study was carried out to gain visitor feedback on images advertising the Water exhibition. A total of 117 interviews were conducted with visitors aged 18 and above. Visitors were shown three images 1) an Earth-shaped cup held up by a human hand, 2) the Earth with a drop of water, and 3) the Earth floating in a life preserver. Visitors were asked if any of the images would inspire them to come to the museum and, if so, which image was most inspiring. Next, visitors read a short description of the exhibition and indicated which image they felt most accurately depicted the description of the exhibition. Visitors felt the image of the Earth-shaped cup was most inspiring and most accurately depicted the exhibition's description. This report includes an interview protocol.

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Amy Grack NelsonEvaluator
Sarah CohnEvaluator

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