Workshop 1: Converence on Public Participation in Scientific Research 2012

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
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The Conference on Public Participation in Scientific Research 2012 was held on 4 and 5 August in association with the Ecological Society of America’s 97th Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon. The conference took important steps toward formalizing the field of public participation in scientific research (PPSR); facilitated communication, collaboration, and innovation, and identified points of strength and concern for the field. Additional information about and results from the conference can be found at


Team Members

Seth BenzSeth BenzContributor
Abraham Miller-RushingAbraham Miller-RushingContributor
Meg DomroeseMeg DomroeseContributor
Heidi BallardHeidi BallardContributor
Rick BonneyContributor
Tony DeFalcoTony DeFalcoContributor
Sarah NewmanSarah NewmanContributor
Jennifer ShirkJennifer ShirkContributor
Allison YoungAllison YoungContributor

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